Volk Digital 1.0 Lens


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  • Single Lens Case with Custom Engraving To Personalize Your New Case.
  • Lens name engraved on each case so you will always know which lens is included inside your case.

Please Note:

  • Those who purchase a Volk lens are eligible to receive 1 free combination case per order, in lieu of the single-lens case. 
  • If you wish to receive both the individual lens case offered with your lens & a combination lens case, you will need to purchase this multi-case for $35.
Field Of
Image Mag.
Laser Spot
Mag. Factor


Primary Application:  Ultimate lens for digital slit lamp photography.


  • high magnification option for slit lamp examination, with similar magnification to that of a 78D.
  • The 1.0x magnification of this lens simplifies retinal measurements such as the cup-to-disk ratio without the need for conversion.
  • With enhanced stereopsis, designed to provide distortion, glare-free views of the posterior pole, this lens is known to be a perfect tool lens for slit lamp photography. 

Benefits: Patented double aspheric glass optics provide enhanced imaging. Unique glass surface curves and coating minimize photographic distortion and reflections. Highest resolution flat plane imaging of the posterior pole. High index, high-resolution glass provides improved stereopsis and image clarity.



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