Volk Digital Wide Field Lens

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Volk Digital Wide Field Lens

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  • Single Lens Case with Custom Engraving To Personalize Your New Case.
  • Lens name engraved on each case so you will always know which lens is included inside your case.

Please Note: 

  • Available in 72 hours, customized orders (custom colors or engraved lenses) have 2 week availability.
  • Those who purchase a Volk lens are eligible to receive 1 free combination case per order, in lieu of the single-lens case. 
  • If you wish to receive both the individual lens case offered with your lens & a combination lens case, you will need to purchase this multi-case for $30.
Field Of
Image Mag.
Laser Spot
Mag. Factor

Primary Application:  Highest resolution pan retinal examination.

Features & Benefits: Gain a wider field of view than the Superfield and 90D, but keep the same high magnification.  The enhanced design and multi-layer coating provide high resolution stereo views of the retina through a small pupil, with minimal reflections.

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