Welch Allyn 11735 Ophthalmoscope


Welch Allyn 11735 3.5 V Halogen HPX Prestige Coaxial-Plus Ophthalmoscope*

*Head Only, Handle Not Included

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Patented Welch Allyn Coaxial Vision optics, combined with 68 lenses in single-diopter steps for the precision you need to conduct a quality eye exam. Two unique filter selections provide optimum light levels for all types of eye exams.

Welch Allyn 11735 Direct Ophthalmoscope Features:

  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Halogen HPX® lamp illumination for true tissue color
  • Opacity setting filter aids easy eye entry with the brightest Halogen HPX light
  • 68 lenses in single-diopter steps for precise resolution (+38 to -30)
  • Look for the traditional "flat-top" design you've come to trust
  • 18 unique aperture/filter combinations for greater versatility
  • Neutral density filter allows for entering healthy eyes without unwanted reflex
  • Compatible with all existing Welch Allyn 3.5 V power sources

mc-aperture-micro-spot MICRO-SPOT APERTURE- allows quick entry into small, undilated pupils.

mc-aperture-large LARGE APERTURE-standard aperture for a dilated pupil and general examination of the eye.

mc-aperture-slit SLIT-used to determine levels of lesions and tumors.
mc-aperture-small SMALL APERTURE-provides an excellent view of the fundus through an undilated pupil.
mc-aperture-fixation FIXATION APERTURE-has graduated cross-hairs for measuring eccentric fixation or locating lesions.
mc-aperture-red-free RED-FREE FILTER-excludes red rays from the examination field for easy identification of veins, arteries, and nerve fibers.
mc-aperture-cobalt COBALT FILTER-used with fluorescein dye to view small lesions, abrasions, and foreign objects on the cornea.
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