About Us

For over two decades, Pioneer International has been an industry leader in the distribution of ophthalmic products to ophthalmology residents as well as optometry students.

Pioneer began its journey in 1999 when President and CEO, Valerie Nicola combined the manufacturer contacts, customer confidence, and vast amounts of motivation. Today, Pioneer is still a privately held, woman-owned, and run company. There is a reason why Pioneer has over 90% of the student and resident market share - actually, there's more than one!

1 – We Specialize In Your Needs 

We have made it our business to concentrate on you. Wherever you are on your educational journey, we’re familiar with your college or university, instructors, faculty, and equipment representatives. We already know what you will need for class, clinic, and boards and when you will need it. This is the result of our twenty-year evolution in ophthalmic education. 

2 - We Customize Our Website to You 

Our web presence has been designed specifically for the needs of your ophthalmic program. This customized web catalog can be accessed through a secure password where you can see your program's required equipment. This catalog will also offer class deadlines as well as special pricing and a resource page to help you make an informed decision on the equipment required for your program. 

3 - You Inspire Our Innovation 

Faculty and student opinions and ideas have often driven Pioneer innovation. Our research and development starts with you. From our original rolling all-in-one trial lens case to our customized foreign body removal kits, our customers are the focus.

4 - Our Customer Service is Second to None 

To ensure that your equipment arrives in top condition, it is passed through a three-step quality control process. Our customer service is unparalleled from Pioneer’s extensive inventory of parts and our factory-trained service department to our dedicated customer support team. We make it our business to put our customers' service needs first. 

At Pioneer International, we look forward to working with Students, Residents, Doctors from every level of ophthalmic expertise to provide the best possible equipment and service. Welcome to our site - How can we help you today?

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