Below you can find testimonials from various satisfied Pioneer customers throughout the years.


I was selected by my school to help communication and coordination between the school and Pioneer. I won't ever forget my first meeting with them. They were extremely professional, honest, and willing to keep our minds at ease about all the tough questions/decisions. While first impressions can be wonderful with "sales reps", I was skeptical to see how the follow-up service would go. Not only did Pioneer provide myself, and the students in their entirety, with the best service (warranties, follow-ups, etc) I have ever received, but they did it with a genuine smile. I saw them in person 3 times a year on average, and I truly looked forward to seeing them. They were wonderful. They have certainly earned customers for life from just about anyone they encounter. I look forward to working with them throughout my career, and running into them as often as possible! 

-Brittney 2019 IAUPR


I was glad that I purchased my Equipment from you guys. You always replaced what was broken, no questions asked, and after all the humanitarian missions I’ve been on while in school (Nicaragua, Dominican Republic x2, Kashmir, and Peru), my stuff took a real beating. Your commitment to your customers has made a lasting impression on me, and I intend to be a loyal customer well after my graduation.

-Harris 2008 IAUPR 


My experience with Pioneer has been fabulous. They have been very professional and responsive every step of the way. They are everything you could want in customer service. I've taken bids from several companies and ended up going with Pioneer based upon their outstanding service. Their website is incredibly user-friendly and customized specifically to each school. They are truly people of their word. When we were told that if anything ever breaks to call us right away and we'll take care of it immediately, they did. Pioneer has our full confidence.   

-Tony 2011 Indiana University


I just wanted to give a huge thank you to all of you for your kindness and assistance in assembling some equipment for me to use so quickly! It's truly touching to see everyone jump in to help me out through this unfortunate event. 

-Allison 2013 UIWRSO 


Thanks again for handling this in such a timely manner.  The customer service of Pioneer is the reason I chose to do business with this company.  It feels great to already be assured of a great choice. 

-Bryant 2014 UAB 


I have gone through ups and downs working with all kinds of salespeople and I have to just say that working with Pioneer has been a great experience.  Working with Pioneer feels like working with family.  Everyone is down to earth & hardworking.  But moreover, Pioneer is extremely knowledgeable and incredibly successful in their field!  I am definitely inspired by Pioneer's approach and how you work with the schools! 

-Rachel 2015 Berkeley


Thank you so much! I really appreciate how wonderful Pioneer has been to work with and everything you have done for me and our class. 

-Dix 2015 OSU


I know I can always count on getting great customer service from you when I order from Pioneer. Again, I truly appreciate the help and the timely response! 

-J.R. 2015 UAB


I just wanted to thank you for your kindness.  I really appreciate you waiting to charge my card.  You would think that more people would treat students like you do, but they don't.  Again, thank you, thank you, thank you! 

-Kaitlyn 2016 Nova


You guys have been so helpful with both equipment orders. Having to order (and spend a lot of money on) equipment we don't know much about is a little stressful, but placing orders with you guys has been so easy. Pioneer has been great through this whole process so I'm excited to know that there is a company out there I will be comfortable working with in the future! 

-Gussie 2016 UAB


On behalf of the old committee, thank you for supporting Berkeley Optometry and helping us with many of our equipment needs. Your service and personal attention are unmatched and we really appreciate the opportunity we had to collaborate with Pioneer. 

-Yandi 2016 Berkeley


I know Pioneer is at the top in Optometry. I am proud that I was able to not only get the rolling case with the UABSO emblem on it but also that I have chosen Pioneer as my distributor. 

-Holly 2016 UAB


You guys always take care of me! Believe me, I learned my lesson from not ordering from you guys the first time.  

-Shaun 2017 NSUOCO


I also wanted to thank you so much for the detailed steps you highlighted for the ordering process. It was so helpful. I knew I should have gone with you guys in the first place.  

-Sern 2017 Midwestern


Great! Thank you very much! A+ customer service!   

-Eric 2017 OSU


Everything went great with the Pioneer orders.  We really appreciate the stellar customer service and care.  

-Dane 2018 Indiana University 


You, and Pioneer, went way above and beyond this semester. I can not tell how grateful I am. By having these few little items in the arsenal you have helped me better serve my patients.   

-Stephen 2018 MCO


I am really pleased with Pioneer's service, and especially your help! You have made the equipment purchasing process as smooth as possible and it has been an invaluable experience for me.  

-Bee 2019 Berkeley


I really appreciate you and the company working with me. Pioneer has never failed to impress me with their customer service! Thanks again!   

-Kelsey 2019 UMSL 


I just wanted to thank you one last time for helping me get a replacement ophthalmoscope so quickly! I immediately noticed a huge difference in the vision quality through the replacement. I shipped back the other ophthalmoscope on Tuesday, so you should have it by the end of today. You all have made me glad to have bought from Pioneer!    

-Courtney 2021 UAB


Thank you so much for always supporting our programs and students.  We really appreciate our relationship with Pioneer and the many amazing people that work in your Pioneer family.  

-Lori-Western Admin


Pioneer International has provided the best customer service I have ever received from a company. I accidentally ordered an incorrect lens but was assisted through a very easy exchange process by Kristi Gentile. Thanks again for all of your help!!!

-Cassandra Young 2012 Nova


Thank you for your careful attention to detail and quick service with a smile.

-Albert Nemiroff 1959 Los Angeles College of Optometry (SCCO)


I would like to thank Pioneer and their Service Department for how quickly they handled exchanging out my defective handle. Great customer service!

-Roy Gordon 2011 UMSL


I wanted to again express my thanks for everyone's help from Pioneer. Your company and your people have been exceptional to work with for the past two years of equipment purchases

-Larry Addison 2011 UAB


I appreciate all of your help and Pioneer continues to have the best customer service of any ophthalmic company out there

-Travis Storm 2009 OSU



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