Ergonomic Optical Tool Kit


Includes: Pad Pliers with Ergo Handles, Double Nylon Flat Jaws, Nylon Jaw Flat Round Endpiece Pliers, Long Chain Nose Pliers, Tool Case, Hydromarkers, and Large Head Brass Screwdriver.

Pad Pliers with Ergo Handles 
The Ergo handle pliers are 6 3/4” in length with cushioned grips on handles. The notch is 2mm deep and the 5.93mm scooped jaw accommodates both push and screw base guard arms for controlled adjustment. 

Double Nylon Flat Jaws 
Flat 7.0mm nylon jaws provide secure bracing with no frame marring. Can be used on any frame material for multi-purpose bracing. The ergonomic, longer handles, & larger ( 6”) size.

Nylon Jaw Flat Round Endpiece Pliers 
Features a 10mm nylon protected flat jaw and a round metal tapering jaw. The pliers have large ergo shaped handles with cushion grips for added comfort. Total length 6 3/4”. 

Long Chain Nose Pliers 
With 8mm jaws the full chain nose pliers are perfect for all general bracing. Cushion grip ergo handles are designed for comfort. High quality stainless steel with dual spring. 6 3/4 “ . 

Tool Case 
Black leatherette case with sturdy zipper designed to hold 6-7 pliers, PD stick, screwdriver, and small tools. Measures 11 1/4” x 7 1/2” x 1 3/4” when closed. Ideal for students or mobile dispensers. 

Similar to china markers. Two colors are included- black and red. Washes off with soap and water, leaving no waxy residue. Bright and legible through normal lab operations.  

Large Head Brass Screwdriver
Holds all double-ended blades. Includes both a Flat Head Tip and a Phillips Head Tip.

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