Heine Omega 500 LED Unplugged Kit w/ Breath Shield

HE-C-004.33.535 L

Heine Omega 500 LED Unplugged Kit Includes: Heine Omega 500 BIO, Heine Breath Shield, mPack unplugged (rechargeable headband battery), and mobile transformer.




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100% freedom of movement - no cable connections! The OMEGA 500 Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope with “UNPLUGGED” rechargeable battery allows one-of-a-kind mobility without restrictions or hindrance caused by cables, cords, or similar connections.


  • Free Heine Breath Shield included in the purchase of every Omega 500 Kit.
  • Variable Pupil System: Crisp, stereoviews of the Retina in all pupils ranging from a fully dilated 10mm, down to a 1mm undilated as well as in the periphery. Heine’s single lever control allows you to control the instrument incrementally, independent of your light spot size. In other words, no restrictions for you to best serve the specific needs of each individual patient. As an intelligent operator, you have total control of the instrument, without the annoying limitations and compromises of pre-set systems.
  • Rechargeable battery integrated on the headband: No interfering cable connections.
  • Lightweight with balanced weight distribution: High level of comfort. Lightweight and compact.
  • LED charge status indicator: LED gauge on the battery shows the remaining operating time. Easily recharged with the included plug-in transformer.
  • Fully operational while charging with the use of the mobile plug-in transformer: You’re never without power.
  • Lithium “UNPLUGGED” rechargeable battery: Lithium polymer technology using select non-flammable materials - UL-compliant.
  • Intelligent charging system:  Battery-friendly charging. Charging time is 2 hours from zero to full.
  • Operating time: 4 hours with Xenon bulb, 10 hours with LED module.
  • Direct Connect Cable included: The Heine exclusive accessory that gives you the best of both worlds. Mobile wireless operation for the Student and external screenings, then the option to plug-in to your chair & stand for power as a Doctor in practice.
  • Top safety standards: Integrated charge and performance checks during operation.
  • Built with integrity for the long term: Every optical component of the Omega 500 is mounted to metal, not plastic.

LED Illumination:


By utilizing the latest LEDs and properly managing heat, the new LED HQ module for the OMEGA 500 has a virtually unlimited working life of up to 20,000 hours - 2X that of the competition. Additionally, rechargeable battery lifespans will be longer due to the increased operating time and the reduced number of charging cycles.



Color Rendering Index (CRI, max score of 100) indicates how an illumination system will accurately reproduce color compared to daylight. Until recently, Xenon illumination has set the standard in this category because it offers the perfect color rendering.

For the first time, there is another illumination option that meets this standard in a BIO: The new OMEGA 500 with LED HQ technology. Whether you choose XHL Xenon or LED HQ Technology the color rendering difference is unnoticeable.

OMEGA 500 Xenon CRI: 98.5

OMEGA 500 LED HQ CRI: 90.0



Proper thermal management is required for LED illumination to ensure consistent light output and maximum lifetime. Our LED module is constructed of heat-conducting copper to ensure fast and efficient dissipation heat. This combined with the brass and aluminum construction of the OMEGA 500 optics means the entire illumination system is designed to manage thermal stress to guarantee consistent brightness and light quality of the LED during its entire lifespan.

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