HRR 4th Edition and Expanded Amsler Combo



  • Detects red, green, blue, and yellow color deficiencies. 
  • Estimate the degree of defect- mild, medium, strong.
  • Even color deficient subjects can see one object- star, circle, triangle, square without numbers on the first eight test cards.
  • Each page has permanent page tabs for easy handling.

Please Note: The cover style may vary, but test contents will not.

Laminated combination HRR/Amsler Grid book for testing of acquired color vision defects is now easier than ever with two of the key tests combined in one book. The new HRR 4th edition is combined with a book of Amsler Charts, including Diagonals, Red Lines, and Subdivided Squares. 

The intended use is for medical professionals to qualify and quantify patients for color vision deficiency.


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