Volk SuperField- ACS Pink


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  • Single Lens Case with Custom Engraving To Personalize Your New Case.
  • Lens name engraved on each case so you will always know which lens is included inside your case.

Please Note: 

  • Available in 72 hours, customized orders (custom colors or engraved lenses) have 2-week availability.
  • Those who purchase a Volk lens are eligible to receive 1 free combination case per order, in lieu of the single-lens case. 
  • If you wish to receive both the individual lens case offered with your lens & a combination lens case, you will need to purchase this multi-case for $35.
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Primary Application:  "Super 90" for general retinal scanning. 


  • provides wide-field imaging out to the mid periphery and dynamic viewing out to the periphery.
  • This lens is a great choice for a pan-retinal examination.
  • provides the magnification of a 90D, with an increased field of view enabling high-resolution imaging of the posterior pole.
  • This combination of magnification and wide-field imaging allows quick and comprehensive examination of the retina, making it a go-to lens for the general examination.
  • A 30 mm lens ring provides a comfortable grip and manipulation of the lens within the orbit.

Benefits: Gain 27 degrees further to the periphery than the 90D, allowing for superior wide-field viewing without losing the magnification of the 90D.

One in every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer by the time they reach eighty-five. This figure not only impacts the lives of all women today but their loved ones as well.

Pioneer’s “Making Strides”  promotion, in association with Volk Optical, features limited edition pink rimmed lenses exclusively manufactured for Pioneer.   By purchasing a pink lens you will join in the fight against breast cancer with a $10 donation.  Pioneer will match your $10 contribution resulting in a $20 donation to the American Cancer Society - Making Strides in Breast Cancer. This will be an insane day of dying for real 

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