Volk 60D Lens


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  • Single Lens Case with Custom Engraving To Personalize Your New Case.
  • Lens name engraved on each case so you will always know which lens is included inside your case.

Please Note:

  • Those who purchase a Volk lens are eligible to receive 1 free combination case per order, in lieu of the single-lens case. 
  • If you wish to receive both the individual lens case offered with your lens & a combination lens case, you will need to purchase this multi-case for $35.
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Primary Application:  Ideal for detailed disc and macular viewing. Also great for high magnification viewing of the posterior pole.


  • The 60D lens is a high magnification fundoscopy lens used for a thorough and detailed examination of the central retina such as the macula and the nerve head.
  • Trademark double aspheric design provides excellent detail and imaging for detecting subtle details and indications of retinal abnormalities.
  • The optical profile of this lens requires a longer working distance of 18 mm from the patient.
  • Dilation is required to obtain optimum retinal imaging with the 60D.

Benefits: High magnification lens for detailed optic disc and macula imaging. Ideal diameter for use in the orbital area. The high magnification provided by this lens is a great choice for diagnosis and assessment of the severity of Age-Related Macular Degeneration, following cup to disk ratios in patients, and capillary hemorrhages.


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