Ocular Max 360 Three Mirror Lens

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Ocular Max 360 Three Mirror Lens

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No Flange: 18mm Contact OD, 34mm Lens Height

With Flange: 20mm Contact OD, 35mm Lens Height

NMR: 16mm Contact OD, 34mm Lens Height 

All Models: .93x Image Mag, 1.08x Laser Spot Mag, 140° Static Gonio FOV


  • Bi-directional ergonomic 360-degree rotational ring
  • 12 clock hour positions for easy reference
  • Easy rotational manipulation with middle finger
  • Anterior ring can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Three mirrors angled at 59 degrees, 67 degrees, and 73 degrees
  • LaserLight anti-reflective coating
  • Gonio FOV 140 degrees
  • Gonio Mag .80x
  • Available in three popular models: No Flange, Flange (shown), and NMR (no methylcellulose required)

Attention: See Ocular's Cleaning Method 1 in the Products Attachments Tab.

  • For this model (the OG3MSA-IR, OG3MSFA-IR, & OG3MSA-2-IR), remove the engraved ring for proper cleaning and disinfection.
  • To remove the ring, squeeze two plastic tabs together and slide off. When finished, assemble the ring back onto the lens.


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