Volk 4 Mirror Small Rim- No Flange


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  • Single Lens Case with Custom Engraving To Personalize Your New Case.
  • Lens name engraved on each case so you will always know which lens is included inside your case.
Mirror Angles Image Mag Laser Spot Size Contact Diameter Contact Diameter
4 x 64° 1.0x 1.0x 8.4mm 25.5mm


Primary Application:  Standard Gonio lens for static and dynamic gonioscopy.


  • 4 precisely angled 64° mirrors to deliver a complete 360° view of the anterior chamber angle with slight rotation.
  • The 4-mirror design allows for comprehensive examination and treatment of the trabecular meshwork with minimal lens rotation
  • 4 mirror, Sussman style lens with unbeatable Volk optics enables high detail examination of the angle structures
  • No flange version is ideal for dynamic and indentation gonioscopy

Features & Benefits: This design features a small 8mm radius contact surface that's ideal for both static and dynamic gonioscopy while eliminating the need for viscous interface solutions such as methylcellulose. Each reflecting surface incorporates a high-efficiency vacuum-deposited mirror coating that is double over-coated with silicon dioxide and catalyzed polyurethane polymer to provide the ultimate in protection.

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