Heine Beta4 NT Handle


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Heine NT4 Handle Features:

  • Li-ion technology: no memory effect.
  • Charge your handle how you like without worrying about charge level or battery condition.
  • High capacity: more than double the capacity compared to previous NiMH rechargeable batteries.
  • High quality metal construction for strength and durability.
  • Quick charge: only approx. 2 hours to recharge with NT4 table charger.
  • Charge Status Indicator: light pulses from the illuminated charging wells indicating the charging mode.
  • Continuous light indicates that the charging process has been completed.
  • Charge status indicator on the BETA NT4 bottom insert: the indicator illuminates in orange when the battery needs to be recharged.
  • By adding the appropriate bottom modules, it is possible to easily convert to an AC plug-in or a C-Cell battery handle.  
  • 2 hours of continuous run time.
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