Pediatric Fixation Sticks


Includes: Pack of three, double-sided pediatric fixation sticks

Fixation Sticks are ¾" by 5.85" (2 cm x 15cm) and are made with extremely durable plastic. 


  • UV printed characters on sticks. 
  • Four characters on each stick (top, bottom, and two sides). 
  • Made of styrene and in full color for years of service.
  • Fixation sticks are durable. The UV printing method ensures that the characters will not chip over time with normal use.

Single sticks can be used for performing various tests: unilateral (cover/uncover) test at near, alternating cover test at near, pursuit testing, near point of convergence (NPC), motilities (ductions and versions), vergence facility at near, fixation stability at near in diagnostic positions of gaze, amplitude of accommodation, and accommodative facility. Dual sticks with different optotypes exposed to the patient can be used for saccade testing.


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