Pioneer Foreign Body Removal Kit


Pioneer Foreign Body Removal Kit Includes: Golf Club Spud, Lacrimal Cannula, Double Ended Lacrimal Dilator, Jewelers Forcep, Double Ended Scleral Depressor, Algerbrush with .5mm Burr, and 7x3 Sterilizable/ Autoclavable Instrument Tray.

Pioneer Foreign Body Removal Kit Features:

  • Surgical Stainless Steel/CE Certified
  • Selected and Approved By Instructors Nationwide
  • Pioneer Products are Unconditionally Warranted While You Are A Student
  • Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturers Defects (Pioneer Will Back This Warranty)

Golf Club Spud Features: 

  • Manufactured using high grade, surgical stainless steel, and CE stamped.
  • The design of this instrument has been optimized to assist in removing almost all foreign material from the ocular surface.
  • The tip has been designed to aid in removing symptomatic concretions from the tarsal conjunctiva.
  • Flat, serrated handle for easy use.

Lacrimal Cannula Features: 

  • Assists in irrigating the nasolacrimal system.

Double Ended Lacrimal Dilator Features:

  • One end with needlepoint and the other with a medium taper.
  • Used to dilate or distend an opening or an organ.

Jewelers Forceps Features: 

  • Great for removing small objects on the corneal epithelium. 

Double Ended Scleral Depressor Features: 

  • Used for controlling eye position. 
  • In operation, the blade is manipulated by the operator to depress the sclera of a patient's eye for either rotation or immobilization of the globe of the eye during an examination. 
  • The instrument is comprised of a handle, with a pocket clip, attached to the blade at an offset angle to facilitate manipulation of the blade from a position that leaves the field substantially clear for simultaneous use of other instruments, such as an Ophthalmoscope or BIO.

Algerbrush with .5mm Burr Features: 

  • Used by Ophthalmologists, ER Physicians, and in many states, Optometrists who are trained and licensed to remove foreign bodies from the eye of a patient. 
  • Foreign bodies in the eye can leave rust rings when removed- these rust rings are normally caused by a ferrous foreign body accidentally striking the cornea or sclera of the patient. When the foreign body (usually from a spark produced by a grinding wheel or welding torch) strikes the eye, it sticks to the eye and eventually produces rust when combined with the moisture in the eye. 
  • Algerbrush is used for the expressed purpose of removing these rust rings from the eye of a patient. 

7x3 Sterilizable/Autoclavable Instrument Tray Features: 

  • Convenient, lightweight, attractive design
  • Body made of special thermo-resistant plastic polymer
  • Guaranteed product strength
  • Suitable for all the standard means of sterilization- steam, dry heat, EO, Chemical
  • Amber-colored lid for easy view of instruments
  • Highly functional, stackable design

This Foreign Body Removal Kit Is The Overwhelming Choice Of Optometry Programs Nationwide. It Has Been Approved And Selected For Use At The Following Institutions:

  • Berkeley
  • Illinois College of Optometry
  • Indiana University
  • Inter American University
  • Michigan College of Optometry
  • Midwestern University
  • Northeastern State University
  • Nova Southeastern University
  • Ohio State University
  • Pacific University
  • Southern California College of Optometry
  • University of Alabama- Birmingham
  • University of Houston
  • UIW-Rosenberg School of Optometry
  • University of Missouri- St. Louis
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