Preferred Optical Tool Kit


Preferred Optical Tool Kit Includes:  Bracer, Geneva Style Lens Clock, Chain Nose Pliers, Lens Aligning Pliers, Titanium Cutter, Vernier Caliper, Nose Pad Pliers, Phillips Screwdriver, Pick Up Screwdriver, and Flat Screwdriver.


Ergonomic shape with longer handles and provide secure bracing.

Geneva Style Lens Clock

Designed for accurate measurements on plastic and glass lenses. Gives perfect plus or minus curve measurements in quarter diopter on either the front or back of any lens. Index 1.53. 

Chain Nose Pliers

With 5¼" total length and jaws tapering from 7mm to 2mm, the traditional small precision chain nose pliers are a necessity for any practice. Stainless steel.

Lens Aligning Pliers

Soft Rubber Pads with a center hole offers a super grip with small pressure. Oval jaws are specially shaped for half eyes and small eye sizes. 5¾" Stainless with traditional handles.

Titanium Cutter

Sturdy and trusted cutter to cut the heaviest of metals.

Vernier Caliper

7½" caliper with Vernier scale and nylon tips. A precision instrument that gives accurate readings for all lens blanks up to 80mm. A vernier caliper (or vernier) is a common tool used in laboratories and industries to accurately determine the fraction part of the least count division. The vernier caliper is a convenient tool to use when measuring the length of an object, the outer diameter (OD) of a round or cylindrical object, the inner diameter (ID) of a pipe, and the depth of a hole.

Nose Pad Pliers

Traditional handle pliers have a narrow 5.5mm grooved jaw that fits securely over the nose pad. The 5.4mm scooped jaw accommodates both push and screw base guard arms for controlled adjustment. Thin jaws will not mar the pad or chip thick lenses. Excellent pad adjuster for today's small frames. ½" length.

Phillips Screwdriver

Conventional 4½- Double-ended, 2.20 mm Phillips/flat blade.

Pick Up Screwdriver

The Pick Up Screwdriver is a viable solution to those pesky, tiny nose pad screws.  With a 1.0mm flat blade, the pick-up screwdriver holds securely the tiny pad screw for easy insertion.  

Flat Screwdriver

Conventional 4½" screwdriver with knurled handle and nylon head for smooth turning and durability. Double-ended flat 1.5mm & 2.2mm blades are secured with an "O" ring. 

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