Stereo Butterfly with Stereo Glasses


Stereo Butterfly with Stereo Glasses Set Includes: Random butterfly test for gross stereopsis (2500 to 1200 seconds of arc), Graded circle test (800 to 400 seconds of arc), Animal testing for young children, and One (1) pair of adult stereo glasses.

This test is designed for the testing and evaluation of both gross stereopsis and depth perception. The test involves the use of a butterfly picture during testing. Each set of wings and the abdomen feature different seconds of arc (upper wings 2000 seconds of arc, lower wings 1150 seconds of arc, and abdomen 700 seconds of arc). This helps to test several different levels of stereopsis and presents a more in-depth stereo test.


  • Offers no monocular clues to discourage guessing
  • Allows effective screening of gross stereopsis
  • Used for the evaluation of fine depth perception


  • For stereotests and 3-D viewers/glasses, clean and disinfect the surface area gently with disinfectant wipes or a soft, slightly damp, and lint-free cloth with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Never spray alcohol directly on the surfaces.
  • Please bring your stereotest booklet to room temperature before it is used. Immediate use right out of the box when outside temperatures are cold may cause the vinyl material to crack. Also please do not bend the booklet in half so as to avoid breakage. When you take extreme care of your booklet, it should last you many years.

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