#756900 Runge Low Vision Near Card


Testing Distance: 16 inches, 40 cm.

Card Dimensions: 13" x 7.5" (33 cm x 19 cm).

Runge Sloan Letter Low Vision Card with line sizes ranging from 20/1000 to 20/16 (equivalent). Near acuity measurements and their equivalents are listed on the reverse side. 


  • Easy-to-Use Low Vision assessment card
  • Developed to mimic reading from left to right.
  • Printed answers on the back of the card allow the tester to follow the patient's testing results.
  • The back includes notations in Snellen, meters, decimal, logMAR, font size, Jaegar, and M unit notations.
  • A ruler and pupil gauge are also printed on the back of the Low vision card.
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