SOSH Low Vision Chart Set for Near Point and Distance


Please Note: Due to delays caused by COVID-19, this item is on backorder from the manufacturer. Place your order now, and we will ship this product as soon as it becomes available.

The set includes:
- Near Acuity Chart with 17 lines of numbers 20/200 to 20/20
- Two charts with one number per chart for 700, 600, 500, 400, 300
- Two charts with two numbers per chart for 220,
- Two charts with three numbers per chart for 200, 180, 160, 140, 120, 100,
- One chart with 4 numbers per line for 80, 60, and 50
- One chart with 5 numbers per line for 40 and 30 plus 6 numbers for 25 and 7 numbers for 20, 15 and 10

The near point chart is designed to be used at 40 cm with the appropriate add for insufficient accommodation. Spiral Bound 10" by 13".

Designed by the Student Optometric Service to Humanity Project with Paul Lobby, OD, and Robert Johnson, OD. These Low Vision charts have gained an excellent reputation since their introduction in 1969. The optotypes are designed as closely as possible to the standard twenty-foot Snellen optotypes.  At least two of each size number are provided.  A ten-foot test distance is recommended with the appropriate recording of visual acuity, i.e. 10/700, 10/40, etc. 


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