Broken Wheel Test


Card Size: 4" x 8"
Material: White washable vinyl; 18 cards in a set
Note: Advanced Guide sold separately

Includes: Training exercise cards with accompanying illustrations

Easily administered, valid and reliable test of visual acuity in children 2 to 5 years of age, the visually or mentally handicapped, the multiple handicapped, deaf, or brain-damaged, of any age. 

Uses a clinical approach of testing for visual acuity by incorporating the Landolt C. The Broken Wheel Acuity Test utilizes cards that have a familiar, non-threatening symbol (car), presented in a forced-choice response. The simple recognition of the gap in a Landolt Ring is a critical feature. 

The acuity level in this test has been established to be equivalent to the Snellen Letter optotype. 

No interpretation of the directional orientation of the optotypes is necessary, since both cards are the same except for the critical feature. Responses can be by finger-pointing, hand pointing, or by eye pointing. 


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