Saladin Card


Saladin Near Point Balance Card™ Includes:

  •  Saladin Card
  • New Age Polarized Goggle
  • Penlight
  • Red Maddox Occluder
  • Manual

This is a very durable, professionally finished card. Comes with clips for use in phoropter or can be handheld.

The card can be used with a technician in a workup lane or by the vision practitioner to quickly and easily assess the near point function of patients ages five years and older. It enables the measurement of near-point horizontal and vertical heterophoric angles, horizontal and vertical neutralization of fixation disparity, and the horizontal and vertical fixation disparity angles leading to the development of forced vergence fixation disparity curves. It aids in the measurement of the lag of accommodation, accommodative and vergence facility, and cyclophoria. It also includes a near point Bailey-Lovie visual acuity chart. It provides the physical platform for a general assessment/screening battery for near point function.

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