Adult Acuity Projector Slide



  • Sloan Letters 20/400 – 20/10 (16 Lines)
  • Sloan Numbers 20/70 – 20/10 (8 Lines)
  • Tumbling E 20/200 – 20/15 (11 Lines)
  • Slides fit: A.O., Reichert, Marco and Woodlyn projectors


Projector-mounted vision testing slides are well-established ophthalmological and optometric diagnostic tools that are indispensable to the modern vision testing professional. All Stereo Optical vision testing slides are printed on a select piece of high-quality clear photographic film, which is then sealed between two sheets of optically clear glass to guarantee consistently high optotypes and ensure the integrity of each test.


For vectograms, projector slides, and screening cards, clean and disinfect the surface area gently with disinfectant wipes or a soft, slightly damp, and lint-free cloth with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Never spray alcohol directly on the surfaces.

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