Vectographic Projector Slide



  • Sloan Letters Monocular 20/100 – 20/15 (9 Lines)
  • Astigmatic Clock
  • Acuity Balance 20/30 – 20/20 (3 Lines)
  • Acuity Suppression 20/40 - 20/25 (3 Lines)
  • Sloan Letters Binocular 20/30 – 20/15 (4 Lines)
  • Fixation Disparity (with/without fusion lock)
  • Stereopsis 260 - 73 seconds of arc

Projector-mounted vision testing slides are well-established ophthalmological and optometric diagnostic tools that are indispensable to the modern vision testing professional. All Stereo Optical vision testing slides are printed on a piece of high-quality clear photographic film, which is then sealed between two sheets of optically-clear glass to guarantee consistently high optotypes and ensure the integrity of each test.


Cleaning: For vectograms, projector slides, and screening cards, clean and disinfect the surface area gently with disinfectant wipes or a soft, slightly damp, and lint-free cloth with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Never spray alcohol directly on the surfaces.


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